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Vista Dental Veneers

Perfect Smile Makeover is Just an Appointment Away!

Radiating with a healthy and beautiful boosts your confidence and  sparks a ray of positivity in the hearts of others. Do you feel conscious to smile because of chipped, stained or crooked teeth? Your perfect smile makeover is just an appointment away?

With the help of a professional cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver Washington and Portland, you can invest in premium dental veneers that will go a long way in transforming your smile. The team of experienced cosmetic dentists at Vista Dental are more than capable in transforming your smile with the best possible dental veneers in Vancouver Washington and Oregon.

With our innovative digital smile design you are able to see your transformation before you embark on your journey of smile makeover. If dental anxiety prevents you from embarking on your smile transformation, we offer various forms of sedation to help you receive the smile of your dreams. 
You can schedule your complimentary Smile Design consultation online or call us and smile always!

Our Process of Smile Transformation

Appointment 1 (See)

Learn what is possible and see your smile transformation

Appointment 2 - (Try)

Preparation of teeth for veneers and try on favorite smile design

Appointment 3 - (Smile)

Placement final veneers and complete smile transformation
Credit card mockups

Our Results

Simle Makeover with Veneers
Dr Saleh completely transformed my smile for me. I had some really poor dental work done at a previous office and have had it all corrected with Dr Saleh. I am so happy with my smile now!
Actual patient
Simle Makeover with Veneers
I had teeth that were almost worn out to the gums. Dr Saleh did gum surgery and recreated the normal length of teeth for me. I am so happy with the results and very grateful.
Actual patient
Simle Makeover with Veneers
My husband and I had a full reconstruction with veneers and crowns. He had uneven and chipped teeth. Mine were mostly discolored with some old crowns. Teeth whitening didn't work well for me. At the consultation he showed us different styles of smiles. From youthful look to rounded and sharper looking teeth. We both selected the youthful look and the results surpassed my expectations. We always get compliments on our teeth.
Actual patient
Simle Makeover with Veneers
I had my dental veneers redone by Dr Saleh and I couldn't be happier. My initial veneers were done by another dentist and they looked horrible and unnatural. Only two months later  I came to Dr Saleh for a consultation and asked him to give me veneers that look beautiful and natural and the outcome was nothing short of amazing. Dr Saleh is a perfectionist, very knowledgeable and professional.
Actual patient
Simle Makeover with Veneers
I had two veneers done by Dr Saleh and he was able to match my veneers perfectly. I had two old veneers and the color did not match. Now they match perfectly. I can’t tell the difference between my natural teeth and the veneers.
Actual patient
Simle Makeover with Veneers
I was referred to Dr Saleh by a friend who had her teeth done by him. He took the time to understand what I was looking for. I went over various shapes and styles of teeth. I wanted my teeth to look super bright and that is what he gave. I am happy with my smile.
Actual patient
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Dr. Mo Saleh - Vista Dental Veneers

Dr. Mo Saleh

“I tend to focus on the patient’s expectations and dental needs first, then balance that with what I can do for them clinically. Doing the right thing for my patients as a care provider supersedes all else for me. I believe kindness, compassion, understanding, competence and above all integrity are important attributes to care for patients'

  • Graduate of Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine 1998
  • Advanced training in Dental Implant surgery and restoration
  • Advanced training in Cosmetic Dentistry & Full mouth Reconstruction

What our patients say:

Veneers - Vista Dental Veneers
Like so many, I have lived in constant fear of visiting the dentist. I recommend this dentist highly enough!!! Not only has he restored confidence in my smile, but confidence in dental professionals. I am ever so thankful I found them!
Veronica D
Veneers - Vista Dental Veneers
"I've had several dental procedures done with Dr Saleh. This has been by far the best dental experience I have ever had and I hate going to the dentist like most people"
Megan K
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We’ve helped many patients transform their smile

Hands down the best! I have had several bad experiences with pushy and judgmental dentists but Doctor Saleh did neither and has been great to work with.  Thank you so much Dr.Saleh!

Kyle I
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Dr. Saleh is absolutely amazing! I have had horrible experiences with dentists all my life. I went in with the same apprehension as I did with all the other dentists. He wasn’t pushy, he actually told me he wanted me to go talk to other places so I could get the best deal possible. Who does that? I was very impressed

Anita W
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Great friendly dental office that provides great service. I went here due to a promotion at the time for dental implants. Things took a little longer then expected but overall I am highly satisfied with the work I received.

Mark R
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Let me preface this by saying I am TERRIFIED by the dentist. I hate it.That being said, this was the most comfortable I've EVER been anxiety wise.

Amanda R.
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Dr. Saleh did a wonderful job, I would recommend him to anyone I know. I had no pain during the procedure, very minimal swelling the next day and no complication afterwords. I'm a very satisfied patient.

Tatyana B
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My entire life I've had anxiety about going to the dentist....until I went to Dr Saleh. I used to avoid it at all costs, I'd wait until things got horribly painful before I would go in to the dentist....but not anymore. I actually enjoy my appointments, knowing I will be getting the best of care from Dr. Saleh

Jen M
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